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The Great Gundam Wing Rewatch ‘14
Episode 06: PARTY NIGHT

Thrown into a new, uncertain destiny, Relena returns to the Earth. What awaits her is a school party and notice of Heero’s transfer. Knowing Heero’s secret, Relena figures out that the transfer is related to his next mission. OZ assassins come for Relena, and Heero ends up saving her.

This episode’s highlights:

  • That Relena-Mrs.Darlian moment. Relena says that whatever happens—whatever the truth may be—Mrs.Darlian will always be her real mother. (This scene is this mod’s first taste of a soap opera moment in an anime when she was, like, nine.)
  • Treize believes that VFM Darlian is exactly the type of person who is “sacrificed to a new era”. We love you Treize, but sometimes you make our skin crawl.
  • Relena goes to their school party. She invites Heero—who, ever the gentleman we always know, points a gun at her. But they go anyway and Relena tells him she has met Dr.J.
  • Meanwhile, Wufei, in Gundam Shenlong, is destroying the naval port. Sometimes we wonder what the boy does in his pastime.
  • In the circus, we find out Trowa is not afraid to lose his job. Or, you know, he just doesn’t care. When the Ringmaster scolds him for being late, Trowa responds, “I made it here. That’s good enough.” Catherine ushers him onto the stage for their act.
  • Also, Trowa is not afraid to die. Cath realizes he actually wants her to mess up her knife-throwing act and kill him. (This begs for one whole meta! Anyone?)
  • Back at the party, Heero and Relena are having a conversation on the dancefloor. Then Lady Une attacks, with the intention of eliminating Relena. Heero mistakenly thinks that the OZ is there for him, so he suits up and fights. Lady Une wonders if the Gundam is protecting Relena. 
  • …and it is. Heero himself doesn’t know why exactly he is protecting Relena. He is confused. “What in the heck am I thinking? I’d be better off if she died, wouldn’t I? What’s wrong with me?!” he yells, before destroying the last OZ mobile suit.
  • Just as when Lady Une decides she’ll go after Relena herself, Treize calls, telling her to stop the mission because he just decided to let Relena live. We find out that Lucrezia Noin has called Treize and told him the connection between Zechs and Relena. 
  • Back at the school, Relena is questioning Heero—she’s asking the same questions Heero is asking himself. Heero tries to kill her again, but realizes he. Just. Can’t. So he flies off, leaving Relena behind.

Previous episode: 1 2 3 4 5

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Pages from Frozen Teardrop (x)

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In 2000, I got into the Gundam Wing fandom. I was 13.

Along with MANY people, we didn’t have personal computers, and NO smartphones, so if I wanted to read fanfic or see fanart, I had to sneak into my family living room at 3am and silently read it.

If I liked it, I would copy and paste to Notepad and save it to a FLOPPY DISK.

From that floppy disk, I would print it out when I could and save it into my ghetto ‘Tumblr 2000’ binder. No joke.

Guys. You guys. We have it pretty good now. 

*grabs iPad to read fics in my bed, surf Tumblr on my iMac while watching Sherlock season 3 on Netflix and having my own place to my own damn self*


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I kind of love this scene. Sally’s so intuitive and kind and strong and I think Relena and her would probably have gotten along normally, but she makes the mistake of telling Relena exactly what Relena herself already noticed about Heero - that he’s “cute” and “has a wild look about him” and “inner strength” which causes Relena to automatically turn into what she is - a 15 year girl with a crush - and she proceeds to just sass the crap out of Sally as she tries to dissuade her interest in Heero. And the best part is that Sally just seems to find it amusing.

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The only cure for cancer…. IS TALLGOOSE!

So, why do they call the Tallgoose a Tallgeese if there’s just one at any time? [Yes they build other versions, but there is only one Tallgoose at a time]

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i spent entirely too long on these ridiculous things oh my god /lays down forever and ever

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This is a bit embarrassing, but can you confirm what episode the blog is on for the GW 2014 RW? ^_^; I too got busy with real life for the past month and was convinced I'd be like 10 episodes behind. I'd like my blog's posts to accompany FYGW's current one and make up the old ones over time. I'm still in it with you guys! -Proprietor of FYHxR

Hello there! Don’t you worry, we haven’t posted ANYTHING IN WEEKS (Real Life kidnapped us and took our laptops away). We’re still on Episode 06: Party Night. Thanks a lot and keep tagging your posts GWRewatch2014! :)

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…who says Heero Yuy doesn’t have a sense of humor?

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The Great Gundam Wing Rewatch ‘14

With the Gundams’ arrival, the true battle has begun; but is it what the colonies desire? Vice Foreign Minister Darlian leaves for the colonies again, taking Relena with him, but OZ’s Lady Une plans the Minister’s assassination. With Minister Darlian’s dying breath, Relena learns the secrets surrounding her birth.

This episode’s highlights:

  • Relena’s group of friends is really more of a fan girl club. While on Earth and dreamily looking up at the sky, one of the girls say that the colonies should be sparkling/is brighter than usual because Relena is in one of them. Like, seriously?
  • Lady Une gets kicked out of an Earth-Colony meeting because she doesn’t have some kind of diplomatic authorization from Earth. Classy Une being classy walks out with a straight face and said she’d still want to get a report.
  • BOMB IN A MAKEUP KIT. That is all. 
  • Before Mr.Darlian dies, he reveals to Relena her real identity: that he is not her biological father and that she’s a Peacecraft daughter.
  • Meanwhile, Duo gets his Gundam fixed “just in time for my next mission” and Trowa and Quatre part ways.
  • Tallgeese’s restoration is still taking place. Noin expresses her doubt that the 22-year-old suit is better than the more modern mobile suits, but Zechs has his whole faith on it, being the prototype of all MS and even the Gundams.
  • Lady Une talks to the reporters and make it seem that the explosion that killed the Earth-Colony delegates in the meeting is caused by colony terrorists.
  • Relena swears that she’ll revenge her father’s death—also it’s the first time we see Relena holding a gun. :)
  • Dr. J appears on screen for the first time, and he explains to Relena who Heero Yuy really is. This time, since she knows Heero is being made to fight OZ, she’ll start believing they are “on the same side.” However, Dr.J said if she values her life, she should stay away from Heero.
  • Heero has a wicked sense of humor. In a standoff, Heero (in Wing) fires at Duo (in Deathscythe) when the ground beneath Deathscythe starts to crumble. Caught off guard, Duo starts to scream while staring at Heero’s shot. Slowly it’s revealed that Heero actually targets the Leo MS that was approaching Deathscythe from behind. He laughs out loud and says he has returned the favor.

To be continued on: EPISODE 06: PARTY NIGHT
Previous Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4

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1/100 MG Shenlong custom



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So I had this sort of idea for a drawing (1st pic)

I’m not crisp clean drawer so things like GUndam heads are WTF? I used like 3 toy heads for refs but they were all a lil different. Didn’t free hand anything, just a whole bunch of pen tool/straighline tool. Then added gradient shadows places, then base colour and highlights hoping it would sort of at least look metallic, then more colours and shadows and all the rest of the details. Oh also..I only really drew half then copied and flipped it that’s right, lazy.

3rd pic, sketches and lines, stiff boring pose. I fuck things up with line art often. At least I like his head and face. God damn lines.

all finished. It ended up not that exciting compared to the first but a little more Gundam Wing fan art out there never hurt. First time it was Zechs and Tallgeese, this time it’s after he joined the White Fang with the Epyon.

I like the first scribble drawing most XD

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I'm so glad I found you!! I love the meta you've posted so far, and I can't wait to read more as your rewatch progresses. Has anyone else noticed a pattern with Trowa and hospitality? (I feel my own meta coming on).

Hi, welcome aboard to the GWRewatch2014 project! OH AND WE’LL BE WAITING FOR YOUR META! 

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The Great Gundam Wing Rewatch 2014

So far we have:

We’re very sorry we haven’t put up any rewatch posts lately! All admins are busy with Real Life Stuff these past few days. We’ll try to post Episodes 5 and 6 this week, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can join the fun and up your own rewatch posts under the tag #GWRewatch2014. We’ll check that out for reblogs so just…Wing away! :)