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Manga Market’s 2011 April Fools’ Joke: Live Action Gundam Wing Announced

Following the success of Beez’s Anime Legends release of the Gundam Wing series, it has been announced that Sunrise Studios and creator Katsuyuki Sumizawa are looking to revive the Gundam Wing legacy with a live action adaptation, utilising some of the big names in Hollywood at the moment.

“I am very excited to have been asked to be involved with this project,” Sumizawa said when the announcement was made. “Gundam Wing was a great project, and there was always more I wanted to do with it.”

Casting is still taking place, however they have confirmed the people playing the five pilots, the choice which will set the tone for the whole adaptation.

Zac Efron as Heero Yuy. Efron has been linked with several other live action adaptations, including an update of the film Akira.

Daniel Radcliffe as Duo Maxwell. Perhaps the most risky choice, Radcliffe has expressed his excitement about the role. “It’s something very different,” he said. “You’d can’t get much further from wizards than giant robots.”

Jason Dohring as Trowa Barton. Dohring rose to popularity in the cult show ‘Veronica Mars’.

Alex Pettyfer as Quatre Raberba Winner. Sumizawa is said to have requested Pettyfer for the role as soon as the project was suggested.

Harry Shum Jr. as Wufei Chang. It was Shum’s acrobatic prowess which won him the role of Wufei. “The fact that Harry will be able to do most of the stunts himself will really help us to sell Gundam as live action,” a spokesperson for Shum said.

Whilst there is no other casting news, it has been rumoured that Amanda Bynes has been approached for the role of Relena Darlian/Peacecraft, whilst 90210 star Ryan Eggold has expressed an interest in playing Treize Khushrenada.

Sumizawa has also expressed a hope to film as much as possible without CGI. “We are hoping to combine the ingenuity of Japanese design, with the make it happen attitude of Hollywood,” he said. “In Japan, we already have real life Gundams. With the help of Hollywood, we can bring them to the world.”

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing was originally broadcast in 1995, coming to the USA in 2000. It was followed by an OVA, “Endless Waltz”, and has also had several short manga series released to fill in story around the series. There are several full size Gundam models in Japan at present, including the RX78 Gundam in Tokyo.


MOD: We…WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY EXCEPT Thank God it’s a joke. Anyway…

We saw a few GW fancast posts the previous night, and we thought it would be fun to hold a week for them! What do you think? We’ll still have the regular posts, don’t worry. After this, we’ll be having the regular Character Weeks. :)

 If there would be a live action Gundam Wing movie, who would you cast? SUBMIT THEIR PHOTOS!

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